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LUNCHEON @ COLT 2022 (in person in London, UK)

COLT is back in person this year in London UK. With the great support from the organizers and WiML, we are able to organise a catered lunch on the venue. It will be a great time to get to know each other, have scientific and friendly chats. We have 80+ attendees! It is going to be a fun in person event and we are looking forward to see all the known and new faces we missed for the past 2 years.

Claire Vernade will sit down with Po-Ling Loh and Ciara Pike-Burke for a coffee chat at the end of the our lunch time. They both had a key role in the organisation of COLT this year: Po-Ling was a Program Chair, and Ciara a local chair, and they did an amazing job. This panel is an occasion to get to know them better. It will be in the form of an "Ask Me Anything", so feel free to join the conversation!

Past events

  • ALT 2021: Tosca Lechner and Ruth Urner organized a social event taking place on Tuesday, March 16th at 9.45pm CET (4.45 ET), registration open here.

  • Our friends from the Learning Theory Alliance are organizing an amazing workshop to help junior researchers learn academic and soft skills (advice on how to give a talks, how to get the best out of a conference...). If you'd like to attend, registration is free but mandatory on their Workshop page.

  • COLT 2020: Career Panel featuring Alina Beygelzimmer, Alexandra Carpentier, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Sandra Zilles

  • COLT 2021: Career Panel (online) featuring Nika Hagtalab (UC Berkeley), Shipra Agrawal (Columbia), Doina Precup (DeepMind and McGill University), Dana Angluin (Yale, Emeritus)

The WiML-T projects are supported by the WiML Association and would not be possible without the great initiatives and creativity of

  • Ruth Urner

  • Kamalika Chaudhuri

  • Michal Moshkovitz

  • Jessica Sorrell

  • Mary Anne Smart

  • Lee Cohen

  • Claire Vernade

Vision and Mission


Our workshops, panels and other activities are supported by WiML.


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